COMPASS Visits: Safety Rules

The Long Shutdown 2 has started, no beam until spring 2021.
So visits are possible, as long as they do not interfere with the change-over work in the area.

During the organization of ALL visits, the COMPASS Visits Coordinator is in direct contact with the COMPASS EXSO (formerly GLIMOS) (Experimental Safety Officer / Group Leader In Matters Of Safety) to get the proper authorization. (S)he is also in direct contact with the engineer in charge, to know which work is planned when and if there are any limitations due to ongoing work. The safety rules which are applied at COMPASS, are defined CERN wide. These presently valid general safety instructions can be found here, along the English PDF and French PDF files.

ALL guides must be fully aware of these rules and thus must have read the above mentioned files. During the visit, the rules must be strictly followed. The itinerary should be followed as specified, unless otherwise instructed by the COMPASS Visits Coordinator. In case an alternative itinerary is valid, the guides will receive a copy, typically by email.

ALL guides must: This means that all guides have: The most basic safety rules are repeated here: